Summary of Learning EC&I 833

The following video is my summary of learning for the EC&I 833 class I took during the Fall of 2020. The focus of this course was on the history, foundations and practices of different types of educational technologies used by educators today. So much was covered during this course, it was difficult to sum up all that I learned in under 10 minutes, but this video does provide insight into what I would consider to be my “Big Takeaways”. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to put a few more tools in their tech toolbox. Thank Dr. Alec Couros and fellow peers for a great class!


One thought on “Summary of Learning EC&I 833”

  1. Great summary. Honoured you felt the work my students did in Minecraft falls in the redefinition stage and that you felt the Brian Aspinall clip help you understand the learning behind coding and maker movements. It looks like you got a lot out of this class, and it shows in your summary. Thanks for sharing.


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